tisdag 19 februari 2008

#22 Beck “Odelay” [1996]

1. Odelay
Slang used in the Hispanic culture, possibly
exclusive to Mexican, meaning to agree
wholeheartedly or to express enthusiasm for an
idea or object. Equivolent to "Right on" or "Cool".
Person 1: Let's get stoned.
Person 2: Odelay, homes.

A tremendously talented shape-shifting album by Beck.
Odelay also means... well, I can't tell you THAT.
Odelay, odelay, just passin' through...

3. Odelay
Odelay- v.
1) To get a song stuck in one's head.
2) To get a song stuck in someone else's head through
humming, singing or whistling.

1) Some girl Odelayed me in the elevator with Jack Johnson.
2) I totally Odelayed this guy in the elevator when I was whistling.

När Beck var med i Futurama (alla vet vad det är va?
Rymd-Simpsons!) pratar han med Bender om hur man
skriver sånger och texter från hjärtat:

"When I'm upset I write a song about it. Like when I wrote
"Devils Haircut," I was feeling really...really...what's that song about?".

Precis så känner jag för den här skivan.